A mother and her child are travelling companions of the sun

They’re moving west, for a couple of days they’re on the run

The mother’s getting weak, the little baby weeps

They both can get no sleep, they’ve been travelling for weeks away


The journey’s almost done and the sun is going down

Another day goes by as the train moves into town

The woman feeds her child who is resting for a while

The railway gently rides as the mother softly cries


She says:

Darling baby, sleeping on my breast

Every day you’re growing older, soon you’ll leave your nest

You know I’d never leave you, I’ll be at your side

I only wish you will never have to hide


Away, never run away, run away


As the days are getting colder, the boy is getting older

As soon as one can tell he has grown to be a man

He’s running through the barrio, he’s part of the scenario

One day he takes a bride, his old mother at his side


He says:

Mama, mama, please don’t be sad

You know I’ll have to go now, I have to find my way

That’s the way life is, that’s the way it’ll always be

You know, my darling mother, you can always count on me


Away, I will never run away, run away

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